Back in the 90's, when the software industry was relatively small and anyone could become a developer, an idea grew to create games for the Macintosh platform.
Eventually this idea grew further to create very specific types of software which mostly benefited from the Internet.

It was clear that e dot studios was different from other developers. We always had this concept that if you had to use a manual to use any piece of software then the developer was doing something wrong.
Our software had to be "sexy" and "elegant", as well as easy to use.

Nowadays we still maintain the same ideas and try our best to create the best type of software the world has never seen.

Innovation begins now...

Our mission

We mainly create software for the Apple platforms.

Part of our daily activities also include:

  • graphic design
  • sound design
  • music production
  • work with new technologies

Some of our software has been published in a few magazines:

  • MacPeople magazine (Japan)
  • MacFan magazine (Japan)
  • MacAddict magazine (USA)
  • MacWorld magazine (USA)
  • “Beginning Mac OS X Tiger Dashboard Widget Development” book by Fred Terry (USA)

Here are some of the companies/organizations we've worked with: